Kanye West Bipolar Disorder

Kanye West Bipolar Disorder. When was Kanye West diagnosed with bipolar disorder? American rapper Kanye West has been making headlines recently as he mounts a campaign to be elected president of the United States.

How Should We Talk About Kanye West's Bipolar Disorder ...
How Should We Talk About Kanye West's Bipolar Disorder ... (May Weber)
I have bipolar disorder and I don't give a single fuck if kanye is bipolar he is a shitty person and being bipolar doesn't give you an excuse or the right to Let's not talk about Kanye West in harsher terms than we did trump! The condition is associated with episodes of mood swings ranging from depressive lows to manic highs. A today and told him that whenever Kanye West has a public manic episode When Black people have mood disorders like bipolar disorder they are far more likely than white people to.

This may not be the last time he says something abhorrent or live-tweets his paranoid fears.

On his new album, ye, Kanye West revealed that he has bipolar disorder — a brain disorder characterized by significant changes in mood and There are four different types of bipolar disorder, including bipolar I disorder, bipolar II disorder, cyclothymic disorder, and unspecified bipolar.

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I talked to my current Dr. Bipolar disorder — type I, II or more mild cyclothymia — is defined by "dramatic shifts in a person's mood, energy and ability to think clearly," according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. Let's get this out of the way: I am bipolar.

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